"Millennial high society": the classic elegance of the 50s reinterpreted in Papini style with 80s contaminations.

Simultaneously elegant and extravagantly classic, the 2020 collection by Giuseppe Papini adds new elements to the most traditional canons of his style. The search for volumes oriented towards a "new lightness" shapes the classic Mikado and magnolia and mixes them with plain silk organza and embroidered silk organza, impalpable tulle, and French laces to obtain unique and iconic wedding dresses.

The reinterpretation of some historical gowns of the archive reread in a new guise. A spasmodic search for detail. The embroideries made in exclusive are superimposed on French alançon and Chantilly laces. Everything is aimed at the search for perfection of lines and aesthetic purity.

Rich without being maximalist, opulent in draped architectural volumes, emphasized by wings, trains in Mikado and pleated organza and the signature bows, Papini evokes a modern "new romanticism".

"Starting from the origins to achieve a new aesthetic in pure Papini style".


“Since there’s no hope I ever shall return
to Tuscany, my little song,
Go for me, light and swift, along
To where my lady dwells”
Guido Cavalcanti, Rime, Since there’s no hope I ever shall return
* tr. Anthony Mortimer, 2010

INSPIRATION: sitting on the beach observing the lake, the clouds run by the wind and the waves crash on the sand; the clothes utterly original, do not reinterpret the archive but the features of the Papini style.

Freshness, romance, and femininity are reinterpreted at the highest level. Architectural structures have been deconstructed with surprising results. The iconic bows take on macro-decorative proportions.

VOLUMES: whether they are ball gowns, simple wedding dresses with an eccentric touch or extremely fluid bridal gowns, everything is characterized by extreme lightness. The fluttering movement of the skirts contrasts with the constructions of the bodices which have been manufactured with innovative techniques.

THE CLOUDS: delicate wedding dresses with important volumes. Deconstructed constructions. Precious bodices with new stratifications. Absolute lightness for gowns that fluctuate with the slightest movement. New internal structures give the skirts a great delicacy.

THE WAVES: structured but very light gowns. Waves create asymmetrical swirls that embrace the whole dress. Clean lines made unique by airy volumes and unforeseen asymmetries.

THE WIND: wedding dresses that are absolutely weightless but incredibly constructed. Luxurious skirts. Delicately draped and embroidered bodices. Airy and clean lines, romance and delicacy.

MATERIAL: silk mikado, gazar, impalpable organza, chiffon, jacquard, chantilly laces, voile, crepon double satin, embroidered tulle, rebrodè laces.

Overlays, patchworks of different fabrics, contrasts that give a contemporary touch to every single gown.

All the bridal styles of the Elements Collection start from the oval and the circle. Everything aims at the search for lightness, for the perfect line and movement.

The collection includes five “couture” wedding dresses that remain faithful to the identity of the brand, enhancing the characteristics of craftsmanship and quality.

Extreme preciousness, incredibly complex constructions, huge but inconsistent volumes.

Three “jewel” accessories complete and make this capsule even more special.
“Take life lightly, for lightness is not superficiality,
but gliding above things, not having weights on your heart”
Italo Calvino


“… You need the flower, you need the flower, to do everything you need a flo-o-wer“*. A little girl dressed in flower petals intones the famous motif while playing cheerfully in a spring garden. It’s a Papini GIRL, no doubt …

After the sparkling debut of the first collection, the story of Papini GIRL enriches now with a new chapter with clothes as always dedicated to ceremonies and all the most special occasions.

The color palette – faithful to the nuances of white and candy pink – is completed with a delicate green tone. In addition to the classic Mikado, magnolia, and silk organza, the 2019 collection includes new materials: sequined nets, plumetis tulle, lace, jacquard and macramé leaves. All precious and refined fabrics that are cleverly cut and sewn according to the best Made in Italy tailoring techniques, giving shape to dresses with a wide line. Dresses in which the Papini GIRL can flit cheerfully and in complete freedom.

The Papini GIRL 2019 collection consists of nineteen small wonders that play on the theme of flowers: Anemone, Papavero, Orchidea, Ortensia, Rododendro, Azalea, Viola, Primula, Giglio, Peonia, Ranuncolo, Bucaneve, Ibisco, Narciso, Rosa, Fresia, Tuberosa, Calla, Iris, Calendula**. Flowers that not only give the name to the gowns, but that connote their forms. If the skirts look like flowering corollas, real petals bloom on the bodices and the belts. Petals that also appear on the headbands and on the crowns, perfect accessories to complete the look of a real Papini GIRL.

A refined collection with a playful allure that will be available in the best children’s boutiques.

*A popular Italian song for kid
** Anemone, Poppy, Orchid, Hydrangea, Rhododendron, Azalea, Viola, Primrose, Lily, Peony, Ranunculus, Snowdrop, Hibiscus, Narcissus, Rose, Freesia, Tuberose, Calla, Iris, Calendula


Once upon a time… There was an haute couture studio where meters and meters of silk flowed. Talented dress makers, with their precious hands, wove those meters and meters of silk that had been moulded according to the magical ideas of a creative designer in order to turn them into magnificent bridal gowns. Bridal gowns that made the dreams of women wearing them, turning them into princesses on their most beautiful day – the day of their marriage …

The fairy tale of Giuseppe Papini enriches now with a new chapter – the chapter of Giuseppe Papini GIRL Collection. From 2017, Giuseppe Papini’s passion for innovation and craftsmanship has given birth to a collection for girls from four to fourteen years, combining tailoring experience with innovative creativity. Nineteen dresses – made with the most valuable silks – will dress the most special girls in the most important occasions of their lives.

Skirts like flowering corollas, bows like butterflies that lie with grace on the waist or the shoulder, embroideries shining like stars … Giuseppe Papini reinterprets his stylistic code in a couture and sophisticated key to dress tomorrow’s women’s dreams while maintaining a playful, fresh, lively mood which is suitable for little customers.

A real “Ring a Ring-o’Roses” in silk-coloured tones illuminated by a delicate pink palette. The collection is entirely played on exclusively natural materials, with a prevalence of precious silks. There are innovative fabrics such as specially embroidered silk organza, French lace, and striped organza. The fabrics are all extremely lightweight to allow girls to twirl freely.

The stylistic project of Giuseppe Papini GIRL combines the sartorial tradition of Made in Italy with the experimentation of new forms, to create innovative and refined lines in the world of girlswear. The debut of the collection is the 85th edition of Pitti Immagine Bimbo, the kermesse that – from the 22nd to the 24th of June 2017 – hosts in Florence the best childrenswear on the international scene.


Romance. This is the key word around which Giuseppe Papini bridal collection 2018 was conceived, conceived and realized. The theme plays an intriguing game of romance and fabrics of precious fabrics, strictly in silk that, in its more natural and pure version, represents once again the strong connotation of Giuseppe Papini’s wedding dresses. It is the time that stops in a sort of poetic pause: delicate embroideries and precious laces define an atemporal context that combines contemporaneity with tradition.

A dance that is played with light and fluctuating organzas, gazar, fluid georgette and the classic and timeless Mikado. Textures of the consistency and the different weight you encounter to give life to unique and scenic details. As in a great dance, the details become the protagonists: a bow in gazar that completes a neckline on the back, a belt with a precious embroidered lace that illuminates the waist, the Mikado panels that together for juxtaposition create a sculptural effect, a tail in organza that floats lightly …

Giuseppe Papini 2018 collection consists of forty bridal dresses that play on various volumes – from the more adept mermaids to the redingote, to the large wheels – tied by a common thread: to enhance the female silhouette through an innovative search in the cuts. Even the most constructed and large bridal gowns are characterized by the lightness obtained through a refined use of materials. The 2018 bride, according to Giuseppe Papini, is an ingenious romantic, who wants to be the princess of her special day, enchanting everyone for her simple and unforgettable beauty.

The extraordinary search combined with the passion for the tradition of Giuseppe Papini for 2018 provides overlapping and juxtaposition of lace, tulle, organza, as well as handmade lace carvings thanks to the craftsmanship that has always characterized the Bergamo company. The shapes are designed with different volumes and contrasting materials.

The tailoring, heart of the wedding dress Maison, is constantly supervised by the designer, to the eye of which no dress can escape. This is the strength that, coupled with the impeccable service of retailers and brides, has made Giuseppe Papini one of the most authentic and appreciated interpreters of Italian style


A tribute to Italy and the excellence of Made in Italy: this was the leitmotif of the magical evening, with the main collection 2017 of the designer Giuseppe Papini playing lead role, presented in the enchanting setting of the building Palazzina Appiani, an integral part of the monumental complex of the Arena Civica, in the heart of Milan, and dedicated to buyers, the press and all those over the years who have loved and supported this high-fashion brand which has become synonymous with quality and elegance. Thirty-three dresses, of which eleven were chosen for the catwalk, which are the celebration of authentic femininity of the modern and pragmatic woman, but at the same time unveil romance: in one word, the bride. Each dress – pure white, the colour of the natural purity of silk – can be customised with accessories, cover-ups and skirts to become unique and exclusive, at one with the personality of the bride, on the happiest day of her life .

Making this collection was not only down to painstaking research and meticulous creation for the designer Giuseppe Papini, heart and soul of the haute couture brand along with Valentina Mazzoni, but also a journey, a path, a celebration of Italian excellence, a world in which the well-known brand from Bergamo has always played a part, staying true to craftsmanship and Made in Italy: in fact, the collections are conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy and have always been characterised by absolute attention to detail, first-rate stylistics, exemplary quality and the careful choice of materials.

Italian excellence, however, does not end with fashion: there are so many areas in which the beautiful country excels, and which inspired the designer, proposed once again during the presentation evening, where among lights, chandeliers and floral arrangements, guests were accompanied on a journey of the senses, as well as emotions. Starting from the architecture, which we find in the purity of the cuts of sculptural dresses and the choice of the location, one of the most important architectural treasures of the late eighteenth century. Moving on to music, of a classical nature, one of the great passions of the designer Giuseppe Papini, who personally selected the pieces by Italian composers, performed during the fashion show by a string quartet.