The story of Giuseppe Papini began in Bergamo in 2003, when Giuseppe – already a designer and collaborator of Made in Italy brands at an international level – decided to open the company which carries his same name.

Thus were born the Haute Couture wedding dresses by Giuseppe Papini, with the goal of continuing and giving prestige to the sartorial tradition of the Italian wedding gown.

The brand’s dream is ambitious: to meet the expectations of every bride, to incarnate all her desires in one dress and interpret her silhouette to best exalt her body and personality.

Giuseppe strives for absolute quality in both the garments and the impeccable service. With this philosophy, the Giuseppe Papini brand has quickly become a reference point for brides in Italy and beyond. Even abroad, in fact, this brand immediately captures attention with its ability to respond efficiently to the needs of a global market (with official resellers spread across Europe, North America and Asia), with constant attention to detail and true craftsmanship that characterises and enhances Italian production all over the world.

Perfection is the key word that sums up the world of Giuseppe Papini, fully guaranteed by the dresses’ domestic production – thus ensuring total personalization of the finishing touches while respecting each client’s wishes – and a high level of service at every stage. In addition, the official team of retailers is constantly trained and updated, protecting the company’s seriousness and reliability.

The Haute Couture wedding dresses by Giuseppe Papini are beautifully detailed through painstaking work that combines stylistic excellence with a careful choice of materials, always of the highest quality: first choice silk supplied exclusively by the best producers in Como (the most prestigious centre for woven crafts in the world), tulle coming from the Milan textile districts of ancient tradition, select craft lace from the North of France. Fabrics selected from among the best the world has to offer, but also meticulously checked before the cutting phase.

Giuseppe Papini’s passion for innovation and craftsmanship creates wedding dresses that empower the dream of dressing every woman so that she feels modern, feminine, special and unique on the most important day of her life.

After the bridal collection and after the girl collection, 2018 is the year of the debut of the cocktail collection. A collection that consists of dresses, tops, trousers and outerwear made according to the best tailoring techniques of Made in Italy.

Whether for a wedding, a ceremony or any other special occasion, Giuseppe Papini dresses the dreams of women with elegance, refinement and modernity.

In 2017, the history of Giuseppe Papini enriches with a new chapter – the chapter of Giuseppe Papini GIRL Collection. From 2017, Giuseppe Papini’s passion for innovation and craftsmanship has given birth to a collection for girls from four to fourteen years, combining tailoring experience with innovative creativity. Small wonders – made with the most valuable silks – dressing the most special girls in the most important occasions of their lives.